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Subscription..."CAW" is a magazine that seeks to publish writers from around the world. Beginning in 2023, we will publish unique poetry and prose on a biennial, quarterly basis. Publication dates will be in January, April, July and October every two years. Our reading period is on a rolling basis. We will include the best work(s) we receive for each issue we publish.

We understand the struggles of the writing life – the driving artist, aspiring toward publication. To get your work out there, really looked at, truly noticed, takes so much effort and patience and great resilience. We decided that we wanted to create a space for people taking on the struggle, a venue to give those writers and artists a truly fair shot at publication and the chance to be read and recognized – no connections, no solicitations. Here, the quality of work is all that matters, not who you know or where you come from or what you've already accomplished. A fair chance and an open hand for everyone – the underdogs, the in – betweeners, and the already established.

We are particularly interested in works that speak to us as being sensitive, reverential, imaginative, compassionate; something that will incline us toward tears; something that expresses patience that it permits survival in unbearable circumstances; something that is poetic, mystic, fatalistic, introspective, mistrusting of rational thought, trusting intuition; something that comes from having the ability to feel an array of extreme human emotions (from absolute joy to despair) along with being submissive mingled with stubborn and enjoys a penchant for walking the dark.