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Subscription...“Let’s Do Life,” a biennial, quarterly magazine to be launched by TOVSTO SHKIRA in 2025, is about respect and awe for our environment. It is designed for the contemporary naturalist. It finds its subjects during close observation of the natural. It finds its voice in the relationship developed between the artist and the muse.

“Let’s Do Life” begins with time spent in observation. We are seeking to record what has been seen and taken-in. It may begin with a casual, serendipitous occurrence, but it moves far beyond the casual to note details of something that has penetrated the soul. In your describing this wonder, we want what adds to the personal observation as well the experience of others. Concern yourself with what scientists have discovered, but focus on returning to what makes the matter personal. The artist, by all definitions, is part of the world and draws the spectator into that world, too.

“Let’s Do Life” recognizes that our environment (whether city, country or somewhere in-between) is exploratory and reflective. The artist must probe deep within and discover how they’re affected personally. Don’t just learn about; seek to learn from; and in that, you will find wisdom. That is the goal we aspire to here; and we understand, it is an on-going effort.

“Let’s Do Life” is published in collaboration with DETOUR OUTDOORS. For additional information, see…www.facebook.com/anongoingeffort.