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The Brooklynite

  • The Brooklynite the saying goes, "Wherever you are in the world, you either come from or know somebody that comes from Brooklyn." Well, while we may not be sure how accurate that is, we can certify it'll "feel" to ring true with a subscription to "The Brooklynite."

As a magazine of the highest caliber, "The Brooklynite" will certainly be a must read for any "hickster." Not only will the magazine feature in-depth reporting as well as commentary on a range of issues most important to you, but, along with its fiction, poetry and humor, its content will no doubt stand apart for its commitment to the truth and accuracy of the facts as they are, for the quality of its delivery, and for its insistence on making every issue for every reader something that they'll #neverforget.

Subscriptions will take effect in 2029. Please note that the digital subscription will be included on a complimentary basis 9 times a year. In order to subscribe, simply visit our Facebook page (@readelefont) and please use the sign-up tab to submit your email address. Don't worry, we'll only deliver your copy of "The Brooklynite" as well as our other publications when they're released. We promise, NO SPAM! We that it that much too.

In addition, 3 print issues per year will be mailed to every reader in April, August and December with their annual subscription of $16. That's less than $1.50 per month! YAY!