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The Shangri-La Shack

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  • The Shangri-La Shack

Subscription...The mission of "The Shangri-La Shack," a magazine dedicated to the antiques and arts of the Catskills (New York!), is to express and evoke appreciation and gratitude for the gifts of the world we live in. The magazine started in 2011 as an annual journal of the literary arts; and is a collection of creative genius that reflects on the quirks and challenges of our rat-race society. The rights to the publication was purchased by TOVSTO SHKIRA in 2016 and since, has been undergoing a reformatting into a biennial, quarterly magazine that will relaunch in 2027.

The goal of the magazine is to compile snap shots of our everyday world; bringing attention to the beauty of the wilderness, the oddities of contemporary lifestyles, the depth of relationships and more. Take-in and enjoy poetry, short stories, drawings, paintings, photography and other mediums of expression from an eclectic group of contributors. So, come hang out in “The Shack” and create, celebrate, indulge and reflect in the spectacular details of everyday life.